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Connell's Service Ltd

Connell's MG
Bob Connell, Owner
6667 East 38th St
Indianapolis, In 46226
(317) 545-6108
Fax (317) 545-6128

Monday - Friday
10:00 - 5:00

Member of:


Moss Motors Distributer


Connell's Service opened in April of 1990, as a result of a desire own my own business. With a good deal of help and encouragement from John Twist of University Motors, I was able to get through the first few years. We are now starting our 21st year. That has only been possible with the help of several people who have worked very hard with me to keep things going.

The shop started only offering basic services for the MG. We are now able to offer a complete line of services for MG's, including tune up, brakes, oil change, and electrical repair. We also now offer complete engine and transmission rebuild, carburator overhaul, complete body shop work, and interior and trim work.

Body expert Floyd Miller has restored 36 MG's in the past 20 years. His shop is next to mine, which improves the turn around time for a complete restoration. With Indy Auto Trim also at my door, we can now complete work on restorations without sending it off the property. Only engine machining and wheel balancing are sent out.

We are able to purchase products from many sources both in the US and out of the country. We are a Moss Motors distributor, and use the Moss price list and honor all of their special sale prices. We are a member of the British Motor Trade Association.

We Offer:
  • Complete Annual and Seasonal Maintenance
  • Brakes and Hydraulics
  • Engine, Clutch, and Transmission Rebuilds
  • Carburator Service
  • Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Body Work
  • Top and interior trim installation

Featured Services
MG Supercharger Installation - Boost the HP of your MG (any type) with a modern supercharger. Click Here for information.
5-Speed Transmission installation, for greater top-end at highway speeds. Contact us for more information.
High Performance MGB Brakes installation for improved handling and safety. Click Here for information.
MGB Front Spoiler special made for Connell's MG. Click Here for information.

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